Top Places to taste local foods in Myanmar


Visiting Myanmar with your family next week? Well, Myanmar is a lovely place and you will surely have a lovely time there.

While you are on a vacation then there are a lot of things that contribute to your enjoyment and one of the most important things is the food that your savour. You will be glad to know that Myanmar is known for offering gastronomic delights to the tourists and is home to make gourmet restaurants and delis where you can enjoy the sinfully delicious local cuisine.

You will obviously spend a few days of your Myanmar vacation in Yangon and while you are there you must taste the food that is served at the 999 Shan Noodle House. They serve Burmese cuisine and the food here is incredible. You must order the soups, sticky Shan noodles and fried tofu that are served here. Each dish is freshly cooked and there are a plethora of choices in the menu card. The rates are unbelievably low!

You will also visit Mandalay, the last royal capital of the country, while you are in Myanmar and here there are three great restaurants that you must visit.

A table with assorted food at a restaurant in Myanmar.

The first is the Rainforest which offers Thai cuisine; but not the average Thai food. The dishes are lip smacking and the menu of Rainforest is very well thought out. The location of this restaurant is very peaceful and the prices are quite affordable.

The second restaurant is Marie Min and if you are a vegan, this is one place that you just cannot miss. This restaurant serves vegetarian Indian food which is heavenly in terms of taste. The ambience of Marie Min is amazing and you will always want to go back to this place.

The third is the Pann Cherry where delectable Indian platters are served. The banquets that Pann Cherry offers are amazing and each banquet consist of the endless number of dishes. Everything about Pann Cherry is simply delicious.

When you are at the Ngapali beach you must visit The Green Umbrella and savour the Burmese food they serve. The range of seafood and curry you will get here is the best in the country.