Magway (The Nuts City, Burma)


Magway is the capital city of Magway Region and is one of Myanmar’s central Regions, on the eastern bank of the Ayeyarwaddy River. Magway is the second-largest division of Myanmar’s seven division. You can reach Magway by car, air or boat. It is around 378 miles from Yangon by waterways and 330 miles by road. Minbu Shwesettaw and Magway Mya Thalun Pagoda are famous destinations of Magway Region. The festivals of Myathalun Pagoda in Magway and of Shwesettaw Pagoda in Minbu are very well-known throughout the country.

There is a festival that you should not miss in Magway called Shwe Set Taw Pagoda festival, located 34 miles distant west of Minbu on the opposite bank of Magway which is 331 miles from Yangon by road. The place is known as the Pagoda site of the forest. This festival usually takes places in the summer. The Shwe Set Taw Pagoda Festival is one of the most unique pagoda festivals in Myanmar. The three months long festival time is from mid-February to mid-April. Roundabout Myanmar new year water festival is the crowded time with pilgrims from all over the country. There are two footprints of Gautama Buddha. One is situated upper the hill called ”Ahtet Set Taw Yar” and the next is at the bottom of the hill called “Out Set Taw Yar” Many temporally guest houses and restaurants are all bamboo structures built along the swiftly flowing Mann Creek. The visitors usually stay one or two nights at the waterfront guesthouses. The visitors enjoy the cool water to refresh the tiredness of their long journey and pay homage to the two footprints of Buddha and can also enjoy local food and snacks. There have also lots of Myanmar local materials,  foods and handicrafts shop selling by local sellers mostly comes from the villages in Magway region. Hundreds of thousands of visitors come and explore this legendary festival every year.

Magway Mya Thalun pagoda is one of the famous pagodas in Myanmar and It is one of the pagodas which has the legend in connection the Lord Buddha while he was alive. In the evening, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset of the Ayeyarwaddy River. You can relax and peaceful atmosphere on the pagoda platform. Beautiful illumination on the golden pagoda after the sunset is one of the best things to enjoy. The original pagoda had a height of about 55.5 feet and it was built by U Baw Gyaw and his wife. The Mya Tha Lun Pagoda festival is also famous and is held from the 15th of October to the 2nd of November.

Another place to go in Magway region is Minbu Mud Volcano located in Minbu township. This mud volcano is also called Naga Wet Tongue, also known as Bubbling Serpent Dragon Hill.

In Magwe Division 500,000 acres are put under paddy. The major crop is sesamum and over one million acres is put under the crop. There are Thanakha plantations and the Shinmataung Thanaka variety is well-known in the country. Magway is a dry zone but one of Myanmar’s main regions with full of interesting culture and amazing places. If you ever had a chance to travel Myanmar, this is once of the places that you shouldn’t miss to visit.